Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to: Select the right red lipstick for you + Our Faves!

Red: The color of passion, the color of love and It's probably the sexiest color around and when painted on your lips, it's dynamite..
Wearing red lipstick it's so simple but yet so tricky, not all of the shades of red are a perfect fit for everyone, maybe you even think that you are not able to pull off a red lipstick look because it looks funny or weird on your lips, maybe it just means that you haven't been wearing the right shade or you still haven't find it. Don't worry we got everyone covered.

Let's start

If you have pale skin with neutral to peachy undertones the best way to go with a red lipstick is one that is matte and that slightly errs on the side of orange tones.. one of our faves on this category of color is: NARS Lipstick in "Red Lizard". 

Pale Skin with yellow undertones, a good red match for this type of gals is a warm brick red lipstick color, remember people with yellow undertones don't get really flattered with pinks, remember to always keep that in mind.. the one we recommend for this type of people is: Clinique High Impact Colour in "Sassy Spice"

Beige Skin, sun-kissed skin with reflections of gold, it's perfect to wear a dark, deep red with gold undertone, in fact many well known makeup artist like Raychel Wade, says that this is one of those shades that can work with all skin tones. So Why not give it a try!? Wade, also recommends: NYX Black Label Lipstick in Black Cherry.

Bronze Skin Tone, this lucky ladies that were born with this beautiful bronze complexion can wear just about anything. With a warm undertone and Peachy cheeks, a bright bold coral-y red lipstick will work beautifully. What do we recommend? well if you are lucky and have this type of skin you definitely need to try the Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in "Coral Glow" 
Got Bronze Skin Tone With Olive undertones!? We also got you covered for this gals a combination of cherry/pink/red lipstick goes beautifully with that bronze, golden-y skin of yours. And for you girls we recommend the Chantecaille Lipstick in the color "Cayenne" 

Dark Skin with natural gold undertones, works perfectly with a matte orange/red this helps with keeping it all in the same warm family for guy ladies we recommend: Rouge pur couture the mats in the color "Orange Imagine" You guys will love it.

Deep Dark Skin you gals can wear cool blue based shade and works even better when you carry it through the rest of the makeup (shadows, blush..) we suggest for you guys to try the lipstick made by La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lip Colour in "Velvet" 

I you have any extra tips that you feel like sharing, please let us know in the comments down below! Also if you have a favorite brand and color that works well with your skin tone, be sure to share that as well. 

xox. TeamGlamItUp 

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DIY Hair Masks for Dry & Damaged Hair

Damaged hair!?? We've all been there... Have you been felling that your hair is a little rough, and at the ends is looking all brittle?!? Maybe you've been using a lot of heat on your hair, or you've been getting your hair colored very often?.. but anyhow, at the end of the day your hair feels damaged and dry, after all of the things you put your hair through.
 To repair all of the damage, and have an amazing hair that looks and feels good to the touch, here are 2 DIY masks that you can try at home, and improve your hair health. These are our Holy Grail Hair Mash, and you'll love them as much as we do.
Let's Start..

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Coconut oil, not only smells wonderful and delicious, but is also a lightweight moisturizer for your hair, so it leaves you hair not only smelling amazing, but feeling great and does not weight the hair down, this are the main reasons why we love, Coconut Oil. <3

 What You'll Need: 
  • 1 Cup of Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 Cup of Olive Oil
What to do with the ingredients!? (AKA Directions)

  1. Combine the Olive Oil and the Coconut Oil in a bowl and mix it well
  2. Apply the mixture to your hair, concentrating at the ends of the hair
  3. Create a Top Knot, and cover it with a shower cap.. Here comes the tricky part when you wear a hair mask you usually leave it for about 20 to 30 min, but our little tip and twist is that you need to leave the mask for the whole entire night and rinse it out at morning, so you can achieve the best results you can
  4. Rinse it out in the shower.
  5. Shampoo the roots of the hair and then condition as usual, or you could wash your hair before doing the mask, and just rinse out and skip shampoo for more moisture. 

Milk And Honey Mask

This is a really simple and easy mask but yet really powerful with it's moisturizer properties, because by using Milk, we expect to have a hair that it's waaaay more softer to the touch and The Honey has a lot of moisturizing properties, this is why it's very important in a homemade hair mask, especially if you have dry dull hair. The function is that it has restorative properties that adds moisture to lifeless dry hair, making it glowing and really lustrous.

What You'll Need:
  • 1 Glass of Milk
  • 2 Tbsp of Honey (Not Agave or anything like it)
What To Do?:

  1. Mix the ingredients in a big glass, until they are really well blended. (put them on a blender if it's necessary)
  2. Massage it into your hair from root to tip and leave it on for 10 to 15 min
  3. Rinse with warm water and shampoo as usual
  4. Make sure to not get any bees on your hair (Juuuuuuuust kidding, Or maybe not (= !  )
What are your guys' thoughts on these amazing masks!? Did they worked for you? Have you ever tried one of these DIY masks? Do you make any of your own hair masks at home? Tell us in the comments! and remember the most important thing.. HAVE FUN! :)<3

Love. xx

Disclaimer: This review it's not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, and all opinions expressed in here are as always honest and true, the pictures shown in here are also our own.

Monday, October 14, 2013

JustFab Boots

Getting ready for the season? Let's get started with a great pair of  boots. 

JustFab has a really great collection of boot for the fall . They have plenty of choices like; flat boots, heeled bots, moto boots, ankle boots, and wide calf boots, by this time you might be thinking that i just purchased a pair of boots. If you though that are totally RIGHT!!!  I'm supper exited, this is the first pair of boots that I purchased from JustFab and OMG let me tell you guys I LOVE THEM.

AUTUMN Boots from Justfab!!
It does exist a comfortable walking boot with zipper and buckle details, and JustFab have the perfect ones.

Shoe Details

  • Approx. Heel Height: 1"
  • Calf Circumference Approx 14" (Based on Size 8)
  • Runs True To Size
  • Synthetic Upper
  • Man Made Sole
  • Imported


they came in this cute black box; rape and fill up with  paper to keep the shape and  protect the details of the shoes. I was really impressed of the way that they took care of the shoes, that I'm going to give 5 stars to this packaging. 

Comfortable and Chic

I've been trying this boots for about a week know, and let me tell you guys, they are really comfortable.what make it best is that the size is regular sizes, they are not bigger or smaller than the original number, so it  actually is a perfect fit. It is hard some times to find shoes that are comfortable and stylish, but with this boots you have it all. Even though I'm just talking about this boots, JustFab have this huge amazing collection of boots, not only boots but also all type of  shoe styles that is going to be really easy for you to find a perfect match for you're style. We really like how stylish, how comforting, and the quality of their shoes. without saying how many options and great deals they have,  we totally recommended to you.

XO, Team Glam It Up

Disclaimer: This review it's not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, and all opinions expressed in here are as always honest and true, the pictures shown in here are also our own.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

How to wear your hair this Fall.

 Ok guys So I have been doing a little research for this blog and I have found that the hair trends for this coming seasons are awesome, they are a lot from were you can choose from, and have many versatile looks
  • The low ponytail is back for another season
This look is so timeless, we couldn’t be happier, this hair style is so chic and in style, the best thing is that is a Low-maintenance ready-to-go-out-the-door hairstyle that makes us look pretty and put together in just a few minutes, and is so simple. To add more fun to the look and keep a more relaxed look leave a few strands loose.
This is a great style for second day hair or three after washing your hair.

  •  Ombre is still on
We can keep experimenting with this trend, the royalty of fashion and trend setters, have decided to keep this trend alive for lot longer. If you have never tried this look, know is the time, remember new season, new attitude, new hair!? why not!? try a super subtle fade-out  like the one in this photo, remember to have a good communication with your hair dresser, so you get what you want. 



  •  Side Faux Bang 
Why make the commitment of full-on bangs when a simple part can give you a believable and beautiful approximation?  this look is really boyish but super sexy and pretty.

  • The Wet Look
Well this is not my favorite look, but my job is to show you everything that is out there. well this trend it's really controversial but it has been spotted in a lot of runways, such as Oscar de la Renta, Alberta Ferretti and Roberto Cavalli; what is people saying abut this trend!? “It's sexy, shiny and gives off a very nonchalant vibe.” see for yourself.

  • Bangin' Bangs
A good fringe never goes out of style, a few longer strands around the edges of the face will soften a full fringe. A long, side-swept fringe worn slicked-down is one of autumn’s biggest trends.


  • The Relaxed Blow-Dry
Forget spending hours in rollers: this season’s blow-dries are easy, breezy and beautiful. Remember an off-center parting gives a more relaxed feel. this look is perfect for those on the run girls and so in style.

  • Sleek Back
  The super-slick trend is best worked super-straight, and a center parted poker straight style is oh-so-sleek, finish with a shine spray for a super-glossy style.
stylists maintained soft lift at the root, while hairspray and generous dollops of gel created flatter

Here you have a lot of different options to wear your hair for this fall/winter,  don't be afraid to play with trends, just don't think about it, have fun, and wear what you think it looks best and suits you the most. If you liked this blog let us know in a comment in the comments section.

xox Team Glam It Up


Saturday, September 07, 2013


Flame Out.... The newest mascara from COVERGIRL (REVIEW)

The product Claims 
  • Maximum volume instantly
  • Bold winged-out lash look
  • A unique wire brush to curve lashes up an out.  
AMAZING  ha? When I read it, I thought that too, and as it is a COVERGIRL brand so I got convinced really fast that I didn't even do any research about this mascara, and I decided to buy it.
 The  down side is that this new type of brush gives you so much expectations. It's also kind of disappointing that the formula is a little dry, what makes it hard to build it up. but if you are a big fan of dry formulas this is the one for you! I am more of a wet formula type of girl.
                                                                                                                                                                    Packaging and Presentation

As packaging is concerned the tube is wrapped with plastic and a cart board with information. As you can see the brush already comes into the formula tube, so you don't get the actual look of the brush. It has pretty fun colors but not that much creativity with the decoration, as it just has flames. I'll give it 4 stars for packaging and presentation.

I tested with out curling my lashes on my right eye first because I wanted to be able to see how this mascara actually works.

                               Normal Lashes                                          Curled Lashes

First Coat

                            Normal Lashes                                             Curled Lashes

Second Coat

Do you see the difference from when I curled my lashes first and from the 1st and 2nd coats?
I think that the left side (the one with the curly lashes) looks thicker and a fuller than the other side, but the other side  looks longer.


Now let's talk about the real product and no any expectations.
The formula for this mascara is really dry which is kind of bad because that meas that the lashes are going to clump more easily, so you need to be more careful by the time you apply this product onto your lashes. I had to work and build it up a lot just to get that volume from the picture, which is why I wont think of this mascara as my "Go To" mascara.
This mascara actually works really great is you have small  and thick lashes because it does makes them longer but it doesn't give you that full effect that you might be looking for. After 16 hours this mascara didn't flake and it looked the same as I first applied.

The brush is great because is really easy use but you might want to be careful, because of the size you can messed up your eye make up, and you will have to fix it as I did.

The Price! Well prices may vary from where you get it from, prices go from 5.99 to 7.99$ approx. Just to make you things more easy, we'll leave a few links were you can get this mascara if you click HERE, HERE or HERE. and again if you go to the store you might be able to find a few coupons and get it for cheaper or get better deals.

We will give this mascara 3 stars total just because we know that COVERGIRL has better mascaras for the same price. Let us know what do you guys want for us to review next.
XOX. Team Glam it Up

Disclaimer: This review it's not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, and all opinions expressed in here are as always honest and true, the pictures shown in here are also our own.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Maybelline "Dream Matte Powder"

Oily Skin? Well I can totally understand you girls in that area; So you can have a background, ever since I can remember I had oily skin, and  in summer is the worst thing ever, I have a really oily T ZONE and my checks are normal to dry, so we can say that I have oily to combination skin. So keeping that in mind, this review on the Maybelline "Dream Matte Powder" in the shade  "Sand Medium 0-1" 

The Product Claims
  • To give an Air Soft matte perfection
  • Be oil free
  • Won't clog pores
So I tested this product for 2 weeks straight and I have a lot to comment on. Let's start by saying that this powder, it really does gives a matte perfection that can go on for hours, it is oil free and didn't clog my pores or break my skin out, and I am really acne prone. So the claims that this product makes are really accurate. The Down Side!? If you go overboard with the powder you may end up looking really powdery and the texture it's a little too much chalky but it works!.

Packaging & Presentation

As packaging is concerned they only have a plastic thing with information wrapped around and that's it! that is not the best but it's ok for the price, So maybe 3 Stars for packaging. The presentation, well it has a slide mirror and sponge underneath the powder, that it's actually very convenient for applying while looking at the mirror, for super fast touch-ups during the day and if it happens for you to use the sponge it will help you to keep your powder more clean because you are not putting on top of it the sponge, and 4.5 starts for presentation and functionality.

Staying Power and Covering
Right Side: No MakeUp     Left: Dream Matte Powder

 Here I tested it alone so I can see the amount of coverage that the product alone gave, and as you guys can see the coverage it's really good on it's own it covered all my break outs and diminished my redness.
Then I put on the half with no makeup my regular cream foundation and use the Dream Matte Powder as a setting/finishing powder and as you can see in the next photo the coverage and finish was a little better.
Right Side: Cream Foundation &DMP  Left: Dream Matte Powder alone

I tested my face like this all day, and both sides lasted me looking flawless for about 8h without any touch-ups, after the 8h checkpoint, I only needed maybe 1 or 2 touch-ups of the  Dream Matte Powder with a brush, I also need to say that both sides make my blush stay in place a lot longer.
Price Range: It may vary from where do you find it, but it's around 6 to 10.99$, I Got mine for 10.99 :( but oh well! as I said Prices may vary, try to find a good deal or coupon. :)
I took the trouble to find you good prices where you can purchase them online, for good money. You can click here, here or here. And of course you can go to your local drugstore and buy it there and match them to your skin.

So overall I give this foundation 4 STARS, because of the performance, finishing, not clogging pores and the most important thing if you have oily skin.. The Shine Control.
If You have oily skin, this is a product that you should definitely need to give it a try. hope this helped.
Remember to leave us a comment with request, and thing you would like to be posted in this blog.

XOX. Team Glam it Up

Disclaimer: This review it's not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, and all opinions expressed in here are as always honest and true, the pictures shown in here are also our own.